The Clamp


Easy to install & remove

Slides easily on and off the bench mounted base in seconds.

Quality manufacturing

Made in the USA of durable materials and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

View from any angle

Swivel for a 360 view quickly and easily without removing your item.

Securely holds different shapes & sizes

The uniquely designed jaw securely holds your item, whether it's very small or large.


Holds up to high heat

Solder pieces with confidence. The jaws have been designed to minimize the spread of heat while soldering, and decades of use with high heat solders haven't affected them.



I bought the clamp a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to use it in various situations before I reviewed it. I have to say this is a very well built and designed tool. The clamp has exceeded my expectations in ease of use and adaptability. It has not only performed well but has cut down the time on many different repairs. When used in conjunction with a third hand, you are able to accomplish many repairs perfectly the first time, a new head in a ring for instance. This tool allows you to line up the head and solder with no readjusting. I look forward to using it daily for it has changed the way I work and enabled me to get many more jobs done during the day. Hand fabrication is a large part of my business and this tool has been a welcome addition to my bench. I would like to say thank you and well done to Jeff Bagley for inventing a great tool for all of us bench jewelers.

– Thomas Fralinger

I am loving it. Well built and easy to use. It saves so much time not having to reposition. This thing is so simple to use I can't think of any questions to ask. This is one of those inventions that when you look at it, you say to yourself, now why did I not think of this.

– Ronald Carter

I love my new tool!

– Jerry Tsolakis, Gerald's Jewelers



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