The Clamp


Why should I purchase the clamp?

1) One of the main frustrations that led me to inventing THE CLAMP was that the existing clamps and tweezers on today’s market don’t hold your work properly. THE CLAMP does.

2) While THE CLAMP holds rings, pendants, earrings, etc. firmly, it will not damage them. What good is a tool that holds something securely but causes more damage that you have to repair?

3) Due to THE CLAMP having a firm grip on your work, you’re able to work more efficiently and be more precise. This in turn, does great things for your profit margins…because as we all know, time is money when you are working on the bench.

4) Unlike other tools, THE CLAMP attaches to its base in seconds. Ready to move onto something else? It can be removed just as quickly because as I mentioned before, time really is money.

What can THE CLAMP hold?

How much heat can THE CLAMP handle?

When will my order arrive?

How do I clean it?

The jaw is moving stiffly. What do I do?

What if it breaks?

Can I return the clamp if I'm dissatisfied?